SEFCIG 2017 Program

    March 30        11:00-12:30    Technical Cytometry Luncheon

    March 30        12:30-5:00      Technical Cytometry Session

    12:30-1:15          Peter Lopez- NYU- ABRF Cytometry Projects Update & Utilizing Elutriation in a Flow Core

    1:15-2:15            Joanne Lannigan- UVA- It’s a “Small Small World” with Extracellular vesicles: Are you ready for the ride?

    2:15-2:45           Pat Jacobs- Celsee Diagnostics- Circulating Tumor Cells

    2:45-3:05           Break

    3:05-3:50          Paul Rees– Swansea University -High Content Analysis of Imaging Flow Cytometry Data

    3:50-4:35         Steven Woodard- Georgia Tech- Education, Training, and Outreach: Integral Parts of the Core Facility Mission and Operations

    4:35-5:20         Kathleen McGrath- U of Rochester- Better Modeling of Maturation & Signaling During Erythropoiesis Utilizing Imaging Flow Cytometry


    March 30          6:00-9:00pm     Opening Reception   open bar & heavy hors d’oeuvres

    March 31          8:30-5:30          General Session

    7:30-8:30                Breakfast

    8:30-8:40               Welcome and introductions

    8:40-9:10               Chrystal Paulos- MUSC- A Novel Human Memory CD4 T cell Subset with Durable Anti-tumor Properties

    9:10-9:40               Kristy Wolniak- Northwestern- The Role of Clinical Flow Cytometry in Transplant Tolerance

    9:40-10:10            Break- Vendor Exhibits

    10:10-10:40          Ruud Hulspas- Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting-  Cellular Therapy Brings Attention to Flow Cytometry

    10:40-11:10          Virgina Litwin- Covance- Smooth Flowing on the River of Translation

    11:10-11:30           Break/ Lunch Selection & Move to Breakout Rooms

    11:30-2:40            Vendor Break-out Sessions with Box Lunches

    2:40-3:00             Break-Vendor Exhibits

    3:00-3:45             Jonni Moore- U Penn- Pushing the Limits of Clinical Cytometry: From Extracellular Vesicles, to Solid Tumors, to Computational Analysis

    3:45-4:30             Raul Braylan- NIH- 40 Years of Clinical Flow Cytometry in Hematopathology: From the Lymph Node to the Bone Marrow

    4:30-5:30            Howard Shapiro- One World Cytometry- Where Flow Can’t Go….

    Lunchtime Vendor Talks

    Left Room

    11:30-12:00       Cytek Biosciences- Raymond Lannigan- Introducing the DxP Athena – Leveraging 25 Years of Expertise

    12:10-12:40       BD-Genomics- John Harrington- Utilizing FACS to Resolve Gene Expression Data with Precision

     12:50-1:20         BD-Cytometry-Bob Balderas- High Parameter Flow Cytometry, 30 colors and beyond

    1:30-2:00           Sony Biotechnologies- Justin Kim- FX500, Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter

    2:10-2:40           BioRad Laboratories- Daniel Mielcarz- Dartmouth- Characterization and Utilization of the the ZE5 for Human Immune Monitoring

    Right Room

    11:30-12:00       Millipore-Sigma- Amal El-Mabhouh- The Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometry

    12:10-12:40       BioLegend- Kelly Lundsten- Progress in the Development of Reagents for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry

     12:50-1:20         Stratedigm- Alex Gordon- Five Products in Thirty Minutes

    1:30-2:00           BeckmanCoulter- Jonel Lawson- Dare to Explore the full Spectrum with Ease: An Introduction to the IR Laser

    2:10-2:40           ThermoFisher- Andrea Llewllyn & Steve McClellan- AttuneNXT overview and micro-particle analysis